January 15, 2016

GoTo Managed Services

managed service wheel 415x412pxManaged Services is your outsourced IT expertise. Whether augmenting existing IT departments, or acting as your IT department, managed service is THE PROACTIVE model allowing you to avoid technology fires. Fires have three kinds of damage: smoke damage, water damage and fire damage. Similarly, any business that remains in the reactive model runs the certain risk of expensive break-fix costs (the smoke damage), systems failure (the water damage) and finally fatal business loss (the fire damage)! Managed Service, done correctly, will start by installing your “smoke detector”, known as remote monitoring. Assessing your technological assets on the network and beginning to monitor the health, weaknesses and vulnerabilities directs the initial steps needed such as anti-virus, patch management, critical data backup/recovery and more.

Once system-wide needs are identified, GoTo Technologies works with you to transform your business from the risky and costly reactive model, into the easy to budget proactive model that insures your business continuity. A well laid foundation of monitoring for continuous network awareness allows you to begin building on blocks that make sense to your business: help desk, scheduling block hours for break-fix needs so you can budget for any event, creating  a schedule to replace antiquated equipment at a pace and schedule your budget can absorb (this is business continuity) or migrate to the cloud, then fold in mobile device management (BYOD) and finally address the growing concern for HIPAA and regulatory compliance. The possibilities are myriad.

GoTo a partnership that meets you where you are and takes you where you need to be.

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